Bitcoin mixers are modern sites that offer solutions to improve Bitcoin privacy. It is impossible to track an operation carried out through a mixer, even though it is included in the general blockchain protocol. This article will explore YoMix, the best Bitcoin mixer according to reviews. 

How to pass Bitcoin through a mixer?

To mix coins, you need to select the appropriate service and, following the instructions, transfer the desired number of coins. The duration of the mixing process varies from platform to platform. It depends on factors like the volume of the blender’s reserve fund, the number of participants, and the algorithms used by the service. The user receives his “clean” coins back after completing the process. For this, the commission is removed from him.

Why do people choose YoMix? 

YoMix is one of the most popular platforms for Bitcoin mixing today. According to reviews from customers who have used the blender’s services, YouMix is easy to use and has a high level of security.

The other advantages of the YoMix tumbler include:

  • high mixing speed;
  • minimum commission, which is selected by the user depending on the desired level of anonymity;
  • minimum amount from 0.0001 BTC;
  • the log with all actions is automatically cleared 24 hours after the transaction is completed;
  • each user is sent a unique code, which guarantees that coins from previous transactions will not be returned;
  • only one confirmation is required to complete the transaction;
  • favorable terms of the affiliate program;
  • 24/7 customer support.

Since the blender breaks any connection between the original address from which the coins were transferred and the address (one or more) where they will be returned after being “washed,” the chain of actions and the personal data of the owner of the cryptocurrency becomes untraceable.

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